On 29th April 2020 NHS England issued new advice to clinicians in what is now the “second stage response to Covid 19”

There is huge concern amongst medical staff that patients are not consulting with what could be early signs of important disease, including cancer and heart disease. We are also worried that regular monitoring of patients on certain drugs and with certain conditions is being delayed, and that screening tests are not happening.

The guidance says:

“Deliver as much routine and preventative work as can be provided safely including vaccinations immunisations, and screening”

 90 % of GP activity is now done remotely and it may be suitable to conduct consultations by video and telephone.

This weekend we will hear plans for ending lockdown in a gradual way, but the message that this virus will be around for some time (18-36 months) is clear.

We will offer remote assessment when possible and PPE protected Face to Face consultations with triage assessment for those patients who must be seen.