The Harrow Health Care Centre

Repeat Prescriptions In Harrow North London

Our repeat prescription process has changed. Please complete your repeat prescription request form below.

This facility is typically available only to Members of the Practice

We will provide repeat prescriptions of those medications which you have previously received from us, and for which you have regular annual or other review with a Doctor here at Harrow Heath Care Centre.

We now require a written request

An alternative version of the form (word document) is available using the button below. Forms completed using this method can be posted to us, email to [email protected] or faxed to us on 020 8423 7922.


Please allow 3 working days for the form to be processed and your prescription or medication to be available. If you have any additional queries or questions please phone our team on 020 8861 1221.


Introducing SignatureRx

We are delighted to introduce a new additional service available for you to receive your prescriptions (that some of you may have used during our trials already), called SignatureRx.

It works as follows:

  1. We generate your prescription either in a consultation or a repeat as normal, and if you wish to use this service, rather than printing it out signing and sending it by email and post etc., we send it electronically to SignatureRx.

  2. You then receive a text message and an email from SignatureRx with a code and a link you can click if you wish your prescription to be delivered direct to you (in the UK).

  3. Receiving your prescriptions
    1. If you wish your prescription items to be delivered direct to you, click the link in the email, make payment and the items are usually delivered to your home (or other UK address) same day or next day with no delivery charge.

    2. The alternative option is to take the code you received by text and / or email to any pharmacy in the UK and tell them you have a private SignatureRx prescription, give them the code, and they will be able to look up the electronic prescription, dispense your items as usual and you pay your pharmacy direct.

Feedback on our trial of this service was very positive and we hope this allows us to continue providing you with a good and ever improving service.

If you wish to take advantage of this service, which has no additional cost to members, then please select the option on the repeat prescription request form on the website, or let the doctor know when you are in your consultation.

Please note that there may be a fee applicable:

  • Scheme 1 and Scheme 2 patients who request a repeat prescription which will be dispensed via SignatureRx, or at the Clementine Churchill Pharmacy or left for collection at HHCC reception will incur no charge.
  • Non Registered Patient (NRP) repeat prescriptions are not generally provided, except in certain circumstances when this has been pre-arranged and agreed with the doctor. For that there will be a professional charge. 

The charges are:

Professional fee – £15

(updated 1st September 2023)