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We are a Private GP service and fees are applicable for all of our services.

Details of our charges can be found here.

These appointments are primarily for standard doctor consultations, and some health checks. They are not for COVID tests, Occupational Health, or Menopause etc. 

The appointments currently able to be booked online are visible on the first drop down below. You can also, if necessary, specify which doctor on the other drop down.

For our full range of appointments including medicals and health checks, ear consultations (with ear microsuction if appropriate), menopause appointments and more, please call us on 020 8861 1221 to arrange a convenient time and date.


If you wish to book a 2023-24 flu vaccination, more information and online booking can be found here: Flu Vaccines 2023 – Harrow Health Care Centre. Alternatively call us on 020 8861 1221. Appointments are available from 25 Sept, and have a £10 deposit required on booking (deducted from the price of the flu vaccination chosen with the clinician)