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The Harrow Health Care Centre is available to all women seeking fast, convenient and uncompromised advice on any medical issue. With same-day and next-day appointments available, our doctors are experts in their field when it comes to women’s health.

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Cervical Screening

The Harrow Health Care Centre provides a fast, convenient and uncompromised cervical screening and immunisation clinic to patients of all ages. With same day and next day appointments available, our doctors are ready to see you now.

Cervical Screen is available to women aged 25-65. Cervical screening prevents the development of cervical cancer by detecting very early pre-cancerous changes in the cervix long before the progression towards cancer. Those changes can then usually be treated with laser therapy.

Frequently asked question about cervical screening

A cervical screening test is a simple procedure whereby cells from the neck of the cervix are sampled and sent in a liquid for assessment at the laboratory. We have recently moved to primary HPV testing which means that the first test of the sample is to look for the HPV virus.
Human papilloma virus (HPV) is a group of viruses which cause cervical cancer. HPV also causes 50 per cent of ano-genital cancers in both men and women, head and neck cancers and genital warts.
We offer HPV testing for patients aged 25-49, every three years, in accordance with NHS guidelines and then five-yearly for patients aged 50-65.
Vaccination protects against 70 per cent of the viruses that cause cervical and ano-genital cancers and most types that cause genital warts.
The NHS has offered vaccinations for girls since 2008. However, many girls missed out because they fell just outside the age group being targeted by the programme. The NHS has only recently announced plans to offer vaccines to boys and it is not certain how quickly this will roll out across the UK.
Although best administered to youngsters before they become sexually active, it is still beneficial for any woman or man up to the age of 45. If you were not offered the HPV vaccine as an adolescent, speak to us about vaccination.


Menopause management is always changing. Our approach is to assess individual risk and benefit according to your personal and family medical history in relation to your symptoms and quality of life.

Dr Jane Woyka is a nationally accredited Menopause Specialist (British Menopause Society / Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Health). She also works at the Clinical Research and Menopause Unit at Northwick Park Hospital within an award-winning menopause team. Within that team, she teaches all levels of medical personnel about menopause and is responsible for the teaching of undergraduates in menopause care.

Within the practice, Jane undertakes about 600 menopause consultations per year. She was an elected Member of the British Menopause Council on which she served for the maximum six year term and continues to teach on the BMS accredited Advanced Certificate in Menopause Care. She has many articles published in journals and national newspapers as well as fact sheets and consensus statements as provided for British Menopause Society.

Do you offer family planning services?

Our experienced doctors, many of whom have achieved specialist qualifications in this area of medicine, are happy to provide family planning information and advice. Barrier methods, oral contraceptive, injectable depot preparations and intrauterine devices (IUS/IUCDs) are all available within the practice.

Do you offer advice on the menopause?

Our lead GP Dr Jane Woyka – a highly accredited menopause specialist – is able assess individual risk and benefit according to a patient’s personal and family medical history, in relation to their symptoms and quality of life.

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