Measles vaccine

Measles cases are rising significantly in the UK and levels of vaccine uptake are continuing to fall.

Measles is a highly infectious disease which can lead to severe, life-threatening illness and long term complications in some individuals. The disease is largely preventable with vaccination.

At HHCC we offer the full course of MMR vaccination – x 2 doses, minimum 4 weeks apart. 99% of individuals who receive both doses will be protected against Measles and Rubella.  

This vaccine can be offered to children from 12 months of age (or 9 months of age in cases of travel to high risk destinations), adolescents and adults.

If you are un-vaccinated, have not received two doses previously or are simply unsure about your vaccination status and have no records, then you may be eligible for MMR vaccination.

Please contact our reception team on 020 8861 1221 for further information or to book an appointment with the Practice Nurse.   

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