We are a Private GP service and fees are applicable for all of our services.

Details of our other services and the charges can be found here.

These appointments are for COVID-19 RT-PCR testing for pre-departure Fit to Travel purposes. (We do NOT offer post-arrival day 2 testing)

Harrow Health Care Centre are on the DHSC list of approved providers and have achieved ISO15189 accreditation for our COVID-19 services. Our partner laboratory is also DHSC and UKAS approved and uses only certified assays that genotype the virus variants.

The Price is £99

This includes the test performed by one of our highly trained doctors or nurses, laboratory fees, and your results with a Fit to Travel certificate.

Please ensure you select an appointment that falls within the timeframe required for your destination or airline. Your airline will inform you what this is (typically between 48 and 96 hours of departure), or the official webpages of your destination country should have the information.

Our results usually take 24 hours from the time they reach the laboratory (typically mid afternoon or early evening depending upon when you had your test and therefore whether your sample is collected by our lunchtime or evening courier).

Please note, results from our PCR tests are automatically reported to the NHS Test and Trace service.

A very small number of swab tests are sometimes inconclusive, and you may therefore require a re-test. You’ll be contacted if you need to have another swab test. We will not charge you for the inconclusive test and will refund you in full. We will then invite you to book a further test (as you are being refunded for the inconclusive test, you will be required to pay for the re-test). We will do our best to accommodate re-tests within the required timeframe but this may not always be possible.**

** Harrow Health Care Centre will not be liable for any costs incurred as a result of a failed or inconclusive test.