I have been a patient at Harrow Health Care Centre for almost twenty years and have been continually impressed by the caring way they have looked after me. I became a patient of HHCC because three generations of our family have consulted doctors at the practice.

The reception staff and nurses are friendly and accommodating and it has generally been easy to book an appointment at a convenient time. I have certainly recommended HHCC to other people as I believe that I can always rely on them.

I have been fortunate enough to receive outstanding care from Dr Woyka, encompassing both physical and emotional support.

The quality of attention all round has been excellent, whether I have consulted for a trivial matter or whether I have been referred for major surgery.

She is knowledgeable and keeps up to date with research and medical developments. Dr Woyka has always been thoughtful and skilful in referring me to appropriate consultants, whilst maintaining an overall view of my health and helping me to plan for the future.

Notably, she was able to contact my cardiologist late on a Friday afternoon in order to enable me to have surgery the same evening. Not something that could be expected from a less exceptional GP!

Some of the words I would use to describe the Harrow Health Care Centre are:

  • Compassionate
  • Caring
  • Complete
  • Reliable
  • Skilful