I and my family of 4 children have over 30 years of excellent GP medical care by this practice. I have recommended this practice to friends.

I am a retired barrister who had a specialist medical negligence practice, and a retired Circuit Judge.

In my experience the main features of the Harrow Healthcare Centre private paying GP practice that set this practice apart from NHS GP practices are:-

  • Long continuity of high quality care by individual doctors who know the whole family well in the traditional family GP model;
  • Quick availability of appointments with individual GP of your choice;
  • GP experienced knowledge of individual local private practice specialists for medical, surgical, and paramedical referrals for investigation and treatment;
  • Doctor Jane Woyka has a special medical interest in the up-to-date risk/benefits with female Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) that has provided my wife with guidance that in my view is as good or better than obtainable from many specialist gynaecologists;
  • The practice have recently started sending patients a copy of the GP’s clinical note on consultations.  This valuable innovation enables patients to check the accuracy of the note, and to understand points they may not have fully absorbed at the consultation.  It is greatly for the safe protection of both patient and doctor.